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How to tie your belt (obi)

The pages describes how to tie your belt (or obi) around your gi suit.

This method is particularly good for aikido as the finished knot is fairly flat & the layers of the belt do not cross at the back.

There is also a 'tying your belt' video which illustrates this method of tying your belt.

Belt Tying Instruction Step 1 Start with the logo end of the belt hanging down your right leg (logo facing out) holding it at the right hip with the right hand.
Belt Tying Instruction Step 2 Wrap the belt across your front wrap it around your waist twice, ensuring that both layers of the belt sit on top of one another.
Belt Tying Instruction Step 3 Try to get the loose ends roughly the same length at this point. This will make it easier to keep the ends the same length when you finish.
Belt Tying Instruction Step 4 Take the left-hand end (that's dangling down your left leg) & tuck it up behind both layers of the wrapped belt, passing it between your stomach & the belt. Hold this end under your chin, clamping it between your chin & your chest.
Belt Tying Instruction Step 5 Bring the right-hand end (the end with the logo that's still dangling down your right leg) up & fold it over & down passing between the 2 layers of belt – don't pull it too tight as you need to leave a loop for the next step. It will now be dangling down your left leg.
Belt Tying Instruction Step 6 Take the ‘upright' end that's clamped under your chin & fold this back through the loop you just created & between the 2 layers of belt.
Belt Tying Instruction Step 7 Flatten out the knot & pull both loose ends to tight the knot, ensuring that both ends are the same length as you tighten.




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