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Takemusu Iwama Aikido Europe
Traditional Iwama Aikido Europe is the organisation that Reading Zenshin Aikido Club & it's members belong to. The organisation is headed by Sensei Sargeant.

Cambridge Aikido Club
Iwama Aikido club based in Cambridge & run by Sensei John Longford, 5th Dan. Classes held on Monday, Wednesday & Sunday.

New Forest Aikido
Iwama Aikido club based in Ringwood & run by Sensei Pete Reynolds, 4th Dan & Sensei Terry Young 1st Dan. Classes held on Monday & Wednesday.

Aikido in Hertfordshire
Iwama Aikido club based in Stevenage. Classes held on Wednesday evenings by Sensei David Sturt-Hammond & Sensei Phil Figg.

Aikijo, harmony of spirit with Jo, the Japanese short staff, extracted from the art of Aikido and now being taught in North Devon.

An Assortment of Links

Here we provide a range of links for those of you interested in learning more about training in the art of aikido. Inclusion here does not represent any kind of endorsement of affiliation.
General Information General Information on Aikido
History The History of Aikido
The Founder's Teachings Some of O'Sensei's teachings concerning the essence of aikido
Dojo Regulations The Founder's Dojo Regulations
Weapons A number of articles regarding the use of Weapons in Aikido
Practice Column by Chuck Clark
Analogies for the Aikido Learning Process The Process of Learning Aikido Described through Analogies
Aikido: A Brief Field-Guide to its Flora & Fauna Column by Ross Robertson
What is Zanshin? Column by Chuck Clark
The Use of Atemi (Striking) in Aikido Column by George S. Ledyard
Combat Effectiveness Aikido and Combat Effectiveness
Some Common Problems & Observations Some Answers to Common Observations on Aikido
Aikido Audio Pronunciation Guide Audio clips to help pronounce aikido terms
Aikido video clips Dozens of aikido clips
Aikido Forums Forums covering a wide range of aikido topics including Iwama Aikido
Aikido Encyclopaedic entry for the art of aikido
UESHIBA, MORIHEI Encyclopaedic entry for the founder of aikido
View a Complete List of Articles Around 600 aikido articles from Aikido Journal
Aikido and Weapons: The Last Word? Weapons in Aikido by Stanley Pranin
Aikido Primer Information on the art of aikido
Tai Sabaki for beginners Description of basic footwork
12 ways to practice Some universal advice when is comes to learning a new art
Stretching and Flexibility A compilation of information to answer some frequently asked questions about stretching & flexibility
Ki Exercises 15 Exercises aimed at developing ki
Aikido Online A wealth of articles, interviews from prominent members of the aikido community. Their 'Market Place' also offers long Aiki Jo for the taller aikidoka.
Kik Sports  Local martial art store based in Market Place, Reading. Supplies gis, weapons, books & much more. 10% discount for club members (bring membership your book with you).
Aikido Stores One of the largest marketplaces for Aikido related products and brands in Europe
Nine Circles Suppliers of Japanese budo equipment
Tozando Aikido Shop Online store offering Japanese white oak weapons at reasonable prices
Budo Books A large selection of aikido (& martial arts) books
Our selection of Iwama Aikido videos A selection of the best Iwama Aikido videos on our 'You Tube' Channel
Aikido Demonstration of Sensei Kurilla A spectacular display of aikido from our friend Sensei Stefan Kurilla - 5th Dan & head of the Iwama Ryu Shinshin Aiki Shurenkai Kurilla Dojo in the Slovak Republic.
Field Aikido basic video clips A selection of basic Iwama Aikido Techniques
Video clip from Aiki Dojo Mainz site A 5 minute clip showing a range of spectacular Iwama Aikido techniques
Videos of Aikido Techniques on the Iwama Ryu France site A collection of Iwama Aikido videos including kumitachi & kumijo
RAC Route Planner Going to a seminar & need directions? Let the RAC plan your route for you. (If your using IE check out the cool 3D route flight).
Multimap Need a detailed map? Simply enter the postcode into Multimap. Also has a cool aerial photo feature. Click on the camera icon to superimpose a map over an aerial photo.
Royal Mail postcode finder Register with Royal Mail to make planning Routes &  finding maps more accurate by using the correct postcode.
Currency Converter Buying aikido equipment or items from abroad? Use this converter to work out how much they'll cost in sterling.
J. Garmston Decking Services Sensei John also runs his own decking business. Please visit his site for more details & examples of his work.
Reciprocal Links Links between us & other sites



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