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Aikido for Beginners

There are two options for those of you that would like to start training aikido with us. Our 'Beginner's Introduction to Aikido' course or a '4 Lesson Trial'.

Beginner's Introduction to Aikido

The Beginner's Introduction to Aikido is a 4 week course for adults (over 18's only). They're run quarterly on Thursdays from 8pm to 9:30pm. The beginner's course will provide you with a realistic opportunity to experience aikido for yourself, as well as providing a good grounding for continued training.

In addition to forming the basis of your training, it also offers you the chance to train with other newcomers & make new friends, which has proven to be very useful when starting (& continuing) on the path of aikido.

The Beginner's Introduction to Aikido course costs £35* & all beginners that enrol on the course will receive a free copy of our 'Introduction to Iwama Aikido' DVD to help kick-start their training.

What's Involved?

Beginner's classes run alongside the normal class. After an initial warm-up, the sensei (teacher) demonstrates techniques to the class who then partner up & practice those technique. Aikido is not competitive. You work with a partner to develop an understanding of the movements, both how it feels to perform & to receive the techniques (see photos from an aikido lesson).

Be sure to advise the teacher of any medical problems, injuries or physical limitations which should be considered for your own safety and that of the other students.

The 'Beginner's Introduction to Aikido' covers:

What to Wear

You should wear light but reasonably robust clothing, such as a sweat shirt & jogging bottoms. No jewellery.

We train in bare feet but footwear should be worn whilst off the mats to avoid bringing dirt onto the training area.

A karate or judo-gi (the familiar white costumes worn during training) can be purchased later if you decide to continue your aikido training.

hints & tips for aikido beginners


4 Lesson Trial

Beginner's are always welcome & if you're interested in trying some aikido classes but can't wait for (or simply can't make) the next beginner's course then you can take advantage of our '4 Lesson Trial' at any time that suits you.

A '4 Lesson Trial' costs £35* & offers you the chance to attend 4 of our regular aikido classes on Tuesday or Thursdays evenings so you can try aikido for yourself.


They Think It's All Over...

At the end of the Beginner's course or 4 Lesson Trial you will need to decide whether you'd like to continue with your aikido training or not. If you do wish to continue you will need to become a member of the club.

Membership costs £30 p.a. (inc. insurance).


Still not Sure?

Come along & watch a class before you commit to parting with your hard earned cash. We're more than happy to welcome spectators & answer any questions you may have...just pop along on one of our club nights.

You may also find our introduction to Aikido & Reading Zenshin Aikido Club document or photos from a class useful.

* All fees must be paid in full, in advance. If you have not paid then you will be unable to train. Payments can be made at the club on the first night of training.

Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before your first class to allow time to register for the course.

When signing up for either the Beginner's Introduction to Aikido or the 4 Lesson Trial, you are enrolling on a course of study. Sorry, but refunds are not offered for classes that are missed.

Students must be over 18.




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