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A Typical Aikido Class

Here are some photos taken at one of our Thursday evening classes. Hopefully they will give you some idea of what to expect from an aikido class.

The aikido technique is demonstrated

As the sensei demonstrates an aikido technique, the class sit & observe before it's their turn to perform the technique. The pictures below show Sensei John demonstrating some techniques.

The class siting in seiza, the traditional Japanese kneeling position

The class sit in seiza & watch the demonstration.

Sensei John explaining aikido techniques Sensei John demonstrating ikkyo Sensei John demonstrating irimi nage Sensei John demonstrating kote gaeshi

Sensei John demonstrating three aikido techniques: ikkyo, irimi nage & kote gaeshi.

The class practice

The students partner up & practice whichever aikido technique is demonstrated. Below the pairs take it in turns to be nage & uke (attacker & defender) while practicing ikkyo. The sensei observes the class & offers help or advice where required.

Andy practicing ikkyo Petra practicing ikkyo Sensei John offers advice on performing ikkyo

The class practice ikkyo.

Further techniques are demonstrated

The class continue with the sensei demonstrating further techniques that the class then practice. Here the class are practicing suwari waza (kneeling techniques) that help to develop hip power.

Sensei John demonstrating suwari waza ikkyo The class practicing suwari waza ikkyo Sensei John demonstrating suwari waza ikkyo
Anna practicing suwari waza ikkyo Anna practicing suwari waza ikkyo Anna practicing suwari waza ikkyo

The class practice suwari waza ikkyo.

If your interested in trying some aikido lessons then please free to come along & watch, try our 4 lesson introduction to aikido or attend one of our aikido beginner's courses.


Thanks to Danny for taking the pictures.

How did he manage to take this picture of his face, holding the camera in the hands that are behind his head?


How did he manage to take this picture of his himself while holding the camera behind his head?

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