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Aikido Beginner's Courses, Workshops & Gradings

Aikido Beginner's Course

Beginner's are always welcome to come & try 4 aikido classes but we recommend attending one of our Beginner's Introduction to Aikido courses, as they give you the opportunity to start with other newcomers & provide a thorough introduction to your aikido training.

The Beginner's Introduction to Aikido courses are run quarterly.

Aikido Workshops

Aikido workshops are held every 3 months. The workshops are free sessions that the club will be running to give students the chance to train in a less prescribed way.

They're free in both senses of the word, i.e. there's no cost to come along & train and the workshop won't be lead by the sensei as a normal lesson would be.

Instead, you can use the time to practice anything you'd like to with the other club members that attend (ideal for those with gradings approaching). There will be sempai on hand to help with your training & maintain safety.

Aikido Gradings

We hold gradings every 3 months. You will be asked if you would like to take a grading by the club sensei when they believe you are ready. Assuming you would like to take part in the next grading you will be given ample time to prepare.




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