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Photos from 13th Anniversary Seminar 14th March 2015

Grade Presentations at Anniversary Seminar March 2009

Poole Seminar - January 2009 with Sensei Sargeant & Sensei McGlone (on TIA Europe site)

Club members with Hitohiro Saito Sensei - November 2008

Jersey Seminar - July 2008 with Sensei Witt & Sensei Sargeant (on TIA Europe site)

Cambridge Seminar - May 2008 with Sensei Sargeant & Sensei McGlone (on TIA Europe site)

Iwama Aikido Kefalonia Deshi - September 2007

Iwama Aikido Kefalonia Deshi - June 2007

Iwama Aikido Seminar & Dan Grading - April 2007

Dan Grading: Awarding Certificates - April 2007

Aikido Club's 5th Anniversary Aikido Seminar - February 2007 with Sensei Hill

Iwama Aikido Summer Seminar -  August 2006 with Sensei Witt & Sensei Newens

1st Aikido Seminar - July 2006 with Sensei Tim Buswell

Grading February 2005

Grading April 2004

Grading January 2004

Uchi Deshi Weekend November 2003

Sensei Pete's & Sensei John's Photo Albums

Iwama, Japan
O'Sensei's dojo in Iwama is where he honed & named his art - Aikido. Before O'Sensei died he passed on the responsibility of the Iwama dojo and his legacy of the Aiki weapons to Saito Sensei. Saito Sensei taught Aikido in it's traditional form, as the Founder taught it in Iwama.

Uchi Deshi
Uchi Deshi
are live in students that spend extended periods of time studying aikido. Many uchi deshi have trained under Sensei Sargeant (the head of Takemusu Iwama Aikido GB) at his old dojo in Orwell.

Aikido Seminars
Seminars provide the opportunity to training intensively with top instructors for a day or two over the course of a weekend.

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