JaseOnAikido - Aikido observations, hints & tips to help you with your aikido training 

Hi, and welcome to my micro site.

It's called JaseOnAikido because my name's Jason and I'll be writing about Aikido

It's aimed at anyone that's studying aikido but will probably be of most benefit to those of you that are coming up through your kyu grades.

I've been training Iwama Aikido at Reading Zenshin Aikido Club since July 2002. I gained my shodan in April 2007. For the last year or so I've been assisting with teaching the beginner's courses that we run at the club.

During my training, I've gleaned some information that has helped to clarify my aikido. The aim of this site is to document as much of this as I can to help others that are practicing aikido. The little eruekas that have helped me in my study and that will, hopefully, be helpful (and interesting) to you in yours.*

The smaller, grey links under the main navigation are to old articles that I will eventually bring into this micro site (once I've worked out how I'm going to do it without mucking up current external links to them).

I know it's a bit basic at the minute but I just wanted to make a start as I've been meaning to do this for some time now. I'll make it prettier later - honest. In the meantime, stay tuned & watch how the site evolves. you can follow me on twitter & I'll soon be adding an RSS feed too.


*You'll notice that I use the words train, study & practice when talking about the way of Aikido as I think they're all valid & pretty much interchangeable.